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Learning Hebrew online: Tower of David
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Teaching Hebrew

Why is teaching Hebrew an intricate task

Teaching Hebrew is not an easy task: Teaching Hebrew alphabet and the Hebrew vowels which are not very intuitive for people who are used to the Latin alphabet is a cumbersome task.

Teaching Hebrew pronunciation is also difficult because Hebrew may sound strange to a Hebrew student's ear which is used to the sounds of English or another Latin derivative language.

Teaching Hebrew to an adult student can easily become inefficient because most adult Hebrew students are busy and cannot spend the time required to properly learn Hebrew.

Resources for teaching Hebrew

There are many resources available for learning Hebrew and learning Hebrew online which can be very useful for teaching Hebrew. We made a list of resources for teaching Hebrew which can help a Hebrew teacher to find online tools and resources which may be of great help during the process of teaching Hebrew.

The solution we have for you - the Hebrew teacher

In order to assist you in the task of teaching Hebrew we developed a website which contains easy to use and efficient aids which you can use for teaching Hebrew.

Our website is comprised of Hebrew stories, jokes, and conversations which are accompanied by special tools designed to make your Hebrew teaching easier and more efficient:

  • You and your students will have more pleasant and efficient lessons by using our online instantaneous translation of Hebrew words and entire Hebrew sentences. These tools provide you and your student with instantaneous online Hebrew translation of words and sentences according to their context within the story.

  • You and your students will be able to experience a smooth progress and continuous increase in the level of reading Hebrew by using our vowels tool. The vowels tool will enable you to turn on and off the Hebrew vowels in a text, thus enabling you to teach the student with a smooth progress by allowing the student to read a story with Hebrew vowels for the first time, and then read the same story without Hebrew vowels.

  • You will be able to teach the Hebrew student to listen to spoken Hebrew by using our narration tool. It will be easier for you to teach the student to listen to spoken Hebrew by using our narration tool because the student will be able, under your guidance, to read the spoken words from the text and then use our instant translation tools to figure out the meaning of what he was listening to with our narration tool.

  • You will be able to use our website as a source for Homework and as content for your meetings with the student. For instance, you can ask the student to prepare for the next meeting by reading Hebrew stories, jokes and conversations. During your next meeting with the student you can follow up by going together over the text, practicing reading it aloud with and without Hebrew vowels, and practicing listening to the narration of the stories.

You can start teaching Hebrew with the assistance of our efficient tools right now ! We invite you to try our FREE SAMPLES.

We hope that you will find our website useful for teaching Hebrew, and your students will like your Hebrew teaching even more !

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