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Learning Hebrew online: Tower of David
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Learn Hebrew: phases of learning Hebrew:

If you wish to learn Hebrew, you may find the following section, which describes the steps of learning Hebrew, very useful. Splitting the process of learning Hebrew into steps and phases is not an exact science, however we propose the following reasonable progress path:

Learning Hebrew phase 1: Learn Hebrew fonts and vowels.

At the end of this phase you should be able to read some words, with vowels (“Nikud”) even though you may not understand their meaning. The good news is that this phase is a short phase, and can take even less than a month – depending how much time you put into it. Also, there are many FREE online resources which enable you to learn the Hebrew alphabet and vowels.

Learning Hebrew phase 2: Acquire Basic Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.

Learn a basic “pool” of Hebrew words (500 – 1000). Learn Hebrew grammar, and be able to read, listen, and speak very basic Hebrew. This learning Hebrew phase is a difficult one. It takes a lot of time and effort. It also costs, because you need a teacher. Learning a new language without a teacher at this phase is almost an impossible mission. Maybe it is possible to learn Hebrew from books, dictionaries, or CD’s, but it is also possible to climb mount Everest. We assume you do not wish your Hebrew learning journey to feel like climbing mount Everest…

Learning Hebrew phase 3: Practice your Hebrew.

At this phase, you have a vocabulary of more than 1000 words and you are familiar with basic Hebrew grammar. With a great effort you can read basic Hebrew stories and have very basic conversations in Hebrew. At this phase you can have tremendous progress by reading Hebrew and by conversing in Hebrew as much as you can. This is likely to last more than a year, depending on your pace of learning Hebrew and the time you spend on learning Hebrew.

Learn Hebrew phase 4: Perfect your Hebrew skills.

Your Hebrew is not bad at all. You can live in Israel, and get along pretty well with your Hebrew. Your Hebrew keeps improving along the years because you read Hebrew, speak Hebrew, and listen to Hebrew conversations. You still have an accent, and your Hebrew is not as good as the Hebrew of a native Hebrew speaker, but you are getting closer and closer to that level.

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If you are already familiar with the Hebrew alphabet and Hebrew vowels, and have a very basic Hebrew vocabulary, we can provide you with efficient tools that will help you learn Hebrew by reading Hebrew.

Our online Hebrew learning website will enable you to learn Hebrew in your free time from the convenience of your home, and at your own pace. You will save time by using our online instantaneous translation tools for both words and entire sentences, and will be able to practice listening to Hebrew with our online narration tool.

And above all, learning Hebrew with us is interesting! You will not get bored as it often happens when learning Hebrew or any other language. We keep you interested with our interesting and funny stories!

Learning Hebrew online can be easy and fun. Start learning Hebrew online by clicking the FREE trial button below.

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