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Learning Hebrew online: Tower of David
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How to read Hebrew: basic instruction to the novice Hebrew reader

How to read Hebrew: Viewing Hebrew fonts on your internet browser

Most operating systems and browsers support Hebrew, so the first thing you can do is go to a Hebrew website, such as an Israeli newspaper ( www.ynet.co.il   www.maariv.co.il ) and check if you can view the Hebrew fonts.

If you cannot view Hebrew fonts, but technical explanations about computers gives you a headache – the best way to view Hebrew on your internet browser is to ask a friend who knows how to view Hebrew on his computer, or ask for help in an internet forum. If you are not afraid of technical stuff you can try the following links, search Google on how to read Hebrew fonts on your browser, or try the following links:

How to read Hebrew: Learn Hebrew alphabet and vowels.

You can learn how to read Hebrew alphabet and vowels in less than a month, and for free.

Here are several links to websites that teach you how to read Hebrew alphabet and vowels for free:

You can find more websites for learning how to read Hebrew vowels by searching Google.

How to read Hebrew: Where can I practice reading Hebrew?

You can find many websites on the internet in which you can read Hebrew, however, most of those sites are inadequate for a beginner Hebrew reader because of the following reasons:

  • The Hebrew reading level is too difficult: only advanced Hebrew readers can read the texts.
  • The texts have no Hebrew vowels (“nikud”). The Hebrew vowels are crucial for beginners.
  • No translation is available. Whenever you stumble on a new word you do not know, you have to search for its meaning in a dictionary. This can be a very daunting task if it happens too often.
  • No voice narration: A beginner Hebrew reader needs to hear how the Hebrew text sounds.

In order to solve the difficulties mentioned above, we developed a website which enables you to practice reading Hebrew. Our site will help improve your Hebrew reading for the following reasons:

  • Learning how to read Hebrew with us is fun and easy ! our Hebrew stories are interesting, fun to read, and are given at beginner or intermediate Hebrew reading levels.
  • Learning how to reading Hebrew with us is made even easier by using our Hebrew vowels tools: You can turn the Hebrew vowels on to ease the first time you read a story, and then turn the vowels off to practice reading Hebrew text without Hebrew vowels, the way most Hebrew books, newspaper and other Hebrew text is available.
  • Learning how to read Hebrew with us will save you time because of our instant online translation for each word.
  • Learning how to read Hebrew with us is enjoyable, because you will fully understand what you read, by using our whole sentence translation tool, which gives you the translation of an entire sentence within the context of the story.
  • Learning how to read Hebrew with us will also teach you how to listen to spoken Hebrew, by using our instant online narration tool.

Our website is available online at all times – no need to set an appointment.

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